I know that you have been thinking about your new business for quite some time...

Maybe you are someone who has decided to start a new business and envisioned having thousands listen to you speak, share your expertise, and more.

Yes, you are a dreamer….but making this dream a reality seems daunting.

You envisioned yourself kickstarting your dreams….but a demanding work schedule, family responsibilities, and inner-chatter has made you wonder if your dreams can be a reality.

You have attended workshops, seminars and conferences to help you create affirmations, new intentions and resolutions, but you feel like you are still spinning in circles. You know you should be at a place where you can see the results of all of those notes you took at these events, but you are still in the same place.

You wonder, “Why am I not seeing the results I have worked so hard for?”

"How many more workshops and events can I go to without seeing a return on my investment?"

You Are Not Alone in Your Experience

Now it is Your Turn to learn how to kickstart your business, or change your personal confidence so that you can see life-changing results!

Let’s Get Serious About Your Intentions

Jump into my Virtual Classroom in 2020 and take advantage of the new courses we have to offer this year!

Are You Ready to Upgrade?


I am Dr. Allana Da Graca

Since 2002, I have helped educators, trainers, artists, executives, and entrepreneurs remove the limiting beliefs that stop one from reaching their best selves. 

I have taken my 22-year experience and launched this laser coaching experience for individuals who are serious about reaching new personal and professional goals.

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What People Are Saying About TOLGI?

"Turning On the Lights Global Institute, offers women and leaders an opportunity to reflect and strengthen. Dr. Allana Da Graca challenged all of us to show up for ourselves in a new way! I started my business as a result of the coaching and training I received from TOLGI coaching."

- Genielle Hall Blondell


"I was so honored to be a part of the first Online International Women Build Confidence Conference in March 2019! It was a coming together of women from all walks of life seeking to make a difference and to be the change in the lives of others. Dr. Allana Da Graca, the President of Turning on the Lights Global Institute, promised to inspire women to upgrade their personal and professional Goals, Finances and Entrepreneurship and that she did indeed."


Ready to start writing your own success story?